Christian Formation is provided to children from Pre-K through high school on Sundays after Mass throughout the school year. Children learn about the Catholic faith and how to live it through the religious education programs offered at Resurrection, which support the Diocese of Richmond Catechetical Curriculum.

Children in the primary grades are given engaging, age-appropriate lessons to help them form a relationship with Christ and His Church.

The Be My Disciples program used with the intermediate students (grades 3-5) leads Catholic children and their families to:

  • grow in their conversion to Jesus Christ,
  • develop the habits of discipleship,
  • decide each day to choose life in Christ, and
  • live as active committed members of the Catholic Church.

Connect! Bringing Faith to Life is a 3-year interactive program that presents the core teaching of the Catholic faith to young people (sixth, seventh, and eighth graders) in a way that helps them connect learning and living. Active and engaging lessons encourage honest reflection and meaning making.

Following the Curriculum Framework provided by the diocese, the high school youth receive catechetical instruction as a vehicle for growth in their relationship with the Lord. Currently, Quick Lessons with Fr. Mike: Volume 2 is being used for instruction to open discussions ranging from core questions about the Catholic faith to practical and tough issues on Christian discipleship.

In addition to the systematic curriculum taught, the youth involved in Christian Formation will participate in events throughout the year to experience the richness of the liturgical year with their peers and parish family.

If interested in enrolling your child, please contact the Coordinator of Faith Formation at (540) 297-5530.

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