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Mission Statement

Recognizing the call of Jesus to His followers to continue His mission and ministry, we, the people of Resurrection Parish, with our unique backgrounds, talents, and energies seek to be instruments through which He can express Himself to the world, particularly to the community surrounding Smith Mountain Lake.

We strive to nourish personal and spiritual growth by providing opportunity and support for prayer, renewal, and a deeper understanding of the Catholic faith.

Through the celebration of the sacraments, the preaching of the good news of God’s kingdom, and the acceptance of our social mission to serve the basic human needs of others, we stand before our neighbors and the world as witness to the life, sacrifice, and resurrection of Jesus.


Contact Us

15353 Moneta Road
Moneta, Virginia 24121
(540) 297-5530
[email protected]

Rev. Nixon Negparanon

Administrative Assistant
Lisa Plants
[email protected]

Business Manager
Jennifer McLaughlin
[email protected]

Coordinator of Faith Formation
Julie Pietrocarlo
[email protected]

Music Coordinator
Sue Seeman

Youth Group Minister
Jessica deTournillon
[email protected]



We are located on Route 122 South in Moneta, Virginia, just north of Hale’s Ford Bridge at beautiful Smith Mountain Lake.


The Parish Pastoral Council develops and articulates a deep and mature understanding of the identity of the parish. It reflects the unique personality of the parish as it evolves and strives to ensure the parish is carrying out its stated mission and that the pastoral needs of the parish are met.

The Finance Council has the responsibility to make certain that sound financial policies and practices are in place for the parish, according to the norms of canon law. Among the functions of this council is the responsibility to see that proper records are maintained for all parish assets, liabilities, revenues, and expenses. The Finance Council assists the Pastor in developing a balanced budget for each fiscal year, according to the priorities and goals set by the Parish Pastoral Council and approved by him, and compiling an annual report of parish finances.

Pastoral Council
Joe Shannahan
Youth Rep
Devlin Cox
Diane Lohr
Terry Morrison
Carrie Oesmann
Mike Santone
Doug Skinner
Dave Wilmesher
Finance Council
Matt Doyle
Joe Baylor
Bob Flynn
David Lohr
Jerry Mallen
Linda McDonnell
Roberta Wallace


Parish History

In 1977 there were the Brocks, Castellons, Halberts, Marlars, Murphys, Plymales, Reichards, and Wheatons living at Smith Mountain Lake. They had to attend Mass either in Bedford or Lynchburg. They sometimes held Masses in various homes. On Labor Day of 1978, Pat Marlar had 70 people attend Mass at her home. Those 70 people are now acknowledged as the Charter Group for the origination of this parish.

Recognizing the need for other accommodations, they met at the Moneta Elementary School. Pat Marlar worked to form a parish. She attended a Ministry Formation Program for three years and three summer courses at the Kansas City Institute for Pastoral Life. Pat was installed as Pastoral Associate in 1986. In the next year, Bishop Sullivan gave her the title of Pastoral Coordinator.

They moved to the Bethlehem United Methodist Church with Masses year-round. Thanks to the commitment of the original 60 families, they were recognized as a parish, rather than a mission, known as Smith Mountain Lake Catholic Community. In 1984 the parish was given the name Resurrection. By 1985 there were 65 registered families and about 25 part time parishioners. The first Pastoral Council was elected with Bob Rauth as Chair, assisted by Ed Kihm, Kathryn Shay, Diane McVaney, and John Lightner.

May 2, 1987, saw the ground breaking for our first home for the church. The building committee was chaired by Dale Whiteis, Fund Raising by Phil Castellon, and the Finance Council by Bill Ringel. Joe Bisso designed all the furnishings and built most of them himself. Several parishioners participated on a daily basis. Dale Whiteis, Dick Brock, and Bill Leary spent countless hours at the property, seeing to the myriad of details. The dedication was held on November 7th attended by honored guests from the Methodist Church and priests who served the parish. In 1995, after seven years, they were able to burn the mortgage.

Resurrection was privileged to be able to return the hospitality shown by Bethlehem United Methodist Church by sharing facilities as a temporary home for Trinity Ecumenical Parish from 1988 to 1997.

An ever-growing Catholic population brought the need for an expansion program. This led to the dedication in November 1997 of a considerably larger and very beautiful worship space with a new social hall and several classrooms to accommodate the religious education program.

The building itself is a symbol of the church…who we are! It is an all-purpose building. The structure is built on a foundation with all the parts supporting the other parts. Each member is a living stone. TOGETHER, WE ARE THE CHURCH, an edifice of spirit, offering prayer and sacrifice of praise with Christ as our cornerstone.

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