Parish Community Life

The Parish Community Life Ministry is the heart of our Church. They provide experiences to enrich relationships within our parish. This ministry consists of the Social Committee, Sunshine Committee, Ultreya, Wednesday Women’s Group, Women Listening to Women, and Busy Bees.

The chairperson of the Parish Community Life Ministry is Jill Mattone.

Wednesday Women’s Group

Reserve now to ensure your space for the Wednesday Women’s Group Craft Fair on Saturday, October 19, 2024. This year’s craft bazaar will be held at Trinity Ecumenical Church. Click here for a Fall Craft Bazaar 2024 vendor registration form.

The Wednesday Women’s Group (WWG) began in 1999 when Sister Betty, our Parish Coordinator, felt there was a need for a time and place for RCC women to come together to share their faith and experiences and provide a foundation for friendship.

You know women…when we get together, we do things. In honor of the 1999 Catholic Church’s Jubilee year, we decided to hold a bazaar to benefit parish projects. That has led to an annual Fall Bazaar and Bake Sale on the second week of October, which funds the needs and wants of the parish that would not normally be part of the RCC budget. All of the money earned by WWG remains with the parish. Computers, retaining walls, books, videos, and lawnmowers are examples of how the money has been spent. In 2009 we established a Parishioners’ Emergency Fund for those at RCC who are going through a difficult time. In addition to the Fall Bazaar and Bake Sale, we tempt parents and grandparents to fill Easter baskets with our homemade Easter candy, which is sold the week before Palm Sunday.

Who are we? We range in age from 2 to 94 years of age. We have been/are professional women, homemakers, retired, caregivers, mothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers, singles, wives, widow, Yankees, Southerners, AND all believers in God’s grace, Jesus’s love, the Holy Spirit, and the power these have in our lives.

Social Committee

The Social Committee consists of volunteers who like to spread good cheer with meals and fun events to bring parishioners together. They organize events where parishioners can socialize and enjoy each other’s company, strengthening our community bonds. Once a month the Social Committee offers cookies to all after weekend Masses.

Sunshine Committee

The Sunshine Committee brings a bit of sunshine to parishioners of Resurrection Catholic Church in the form of cards for birthdays, get well messages, and “thinking of you.” Cards are donated by parishioners.  Three people send cards, and several others help with this committee.


Are you interested in moving “onward” with your faith journey? If you have attended a men’s or women’s Cursillo weekend, you are welcome to attend our Ultreya on the 3rd Monday of the month.

Women Listening to Women

Women Listening to Women is a book club expanding their relationship with God through prayer, sharing, support, and spiritual growth. The group meets on the third Wednesday of the month at 10:30 am in the Church library. If you are interested in joining, contact Pat Benosky at (540) 520-5990 or [email protected].

Busy Bees

Busy Bees is a widows’ group. The group enjoys monthly gatherings, fellowship, and the support of each other during the difficult time of losing a spouse. If you think you might be interested in the Busy Bees, call Terry at (540) 529-7211 or Nancy at (703) 969-7941.

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