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Each year during the first weekend of June, Resurrection Catholic Church puts on a yardsale like no other.  Thousands of items and hundreds of volunteers make for a one-stop shop for bargain seekers.  Hours before the opening prayer, there are hundreds of eager shoppers waiting to find that "just right" treasure.  From glassware to kayaks to cars to sofas, it is truly a site to behold.

What many don't know, is that this sale is actually a year-round process.  A ministry of fellowship and heavy lifting, each Tuesday year-round, we pick up items from donors homes and storage buildings.  They are sorted and stored while they wait their glorious appearance at the annual sale in June.  In early May, the team begins to grow as volunteers and helpers from the parish and surrounding community begin to pull items from storage and place them on display.  Making sure everything is clean and operates and is priced.  Pulling it all together seems a miracle itself.

Its our prayer that Joyous Junque blesses this community in multiple ways: relieving donors of unwanted items, providing buyers with something they need or desire, bringing together the community for fellowship and service, and sharing the sale's proceeds with hard-working agencies in our area. 

We wish to give a big THANK YOU to all those volunteers from Resurrection Catholic Church and beyond to include area agencies and non-profits who send over workers. And also to all those who've purchased from us in the past 30 years.  Your support makes the entire process more enjoyable and makes a difference in real lives in our community.

Like to become a "Junquer"?  Call our parish office at 540-297-5530

Have items to donate?  Call the number for your county below.  But first, please check our list of items we don't accept.  This could save you and our pick-up teams some time and headache. 

Bedford County: 540-314-8404

Franklin County: 540-353-9547

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