Inclement Weather Policy

Prudential judgment should always be used by event participants.No event, including Mass, requires your attendance if you feel that weather conditions are dangerous. It is your right and responsibility to determine whether it is safe and/or wise to travel when road conditions may be hazardous. Those who choose not to travel because of unsafe conditions are dispensed from the obligation to attend Mass.

Weekend Mass will not ordinarily be cancelled due to weather conditions. However, in exceptional circumstances such as extreme weather conditions, power outage, or facility problems it may be necessary to cancel Mass. ​ When mass is cancelled, to the extent possible, notice will be placed on local news outlets, the parish website, email, and recorded on the phone message. 

Staff and weekday activities. If Bedford or Franklin County schools are closed because of weather, the office will be closed, daily mass cancelled, and daytime activities cancelled.  If mass is cancelled but a deacon is available, every effort will be made to offer a communion or holy hour service.  If Bedford or Franklin County schools are delayed, the office will open the same time as the schools.  For evening events, the program leader will decide to cancel and will make reasonable efforts to inform participants in advance. 

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