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Planning a Funeral



When a family member passes away, the first step is to contact the funeral home of your choice. The funeral home will contact the parish to check on possible dates and times. Immediate family will meet with the deacon and/or the funeral coordinator who will guide them through the selection of readings from scripture and sacred music.  Many familes pre-plan their funeral so those decisions aren't left to their loved ones.


Cremation is allowed in the Catholic faith, preferably after the Mass of Christian Burial in the church. The proper respect given to the body of the deceased is likewise to be accorded to the cremated remains, both in handling and in final disposition of cremated remains. Thus the scattering of ashes or the reserving of ashes privately on mantel shelves or even in lockets or other mementos is not in keeping with the respect owed to the cremated remains of loved ones.  Cremated remains can be buried or placed in the columbarium.  Located next to the cemetery, the columbarium is a stone structured wall containing 144 niches for ashes.


Our Cemetery

Why be buried in a Catholic Cemetery

Our cemetery is an extension of our parish; a place for prayer, reflection, hope and remembrance. It is a vital part of Catholic life, expressing our faith, reverence and respect for sacred burial on consecrated grounds. With the promise of everlasting life and the hope of Resurrection in Christ, our cemetery offers a beautiful place to celebrate the treasured lives that have gone before us. 

If you have any additional questions or you are considering a burial plot or columbarium niche, please contact the parish office.

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