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Administrative Committees

Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council is responsible for advising the Pastor and Senior Pastoral Associate as we, as a parish, seek to achieve the mission of the Church.

The Council’s members are to reflect the entire body of the community. They serve to strengthen the parish through prayer, sharing, communication and respect for one another. The Council is the visioning and advisory body for all parish concerns. It identifies the needs of the parish, studies and reflects upon those needs, and makes recommendations to achieve those needs.

The Pastoral council consists of nine elected members from the parish (each serving a 3 year term), the Pastor, the Senior Pastoral Associate, and the Business Administrator. Also a Secretary is appointed, and does not need to be a member of the council.

Election to the Council starts with a nomination process (in May), an evening of discernment and selection (in June), and a council retreat (in August).

Nominees must be a registered parish member, be able to attend monthly meetings, and be able and willing to arrive at decisions through consensus.

Advises Pastoral Staff on policy, priorities, planning and decision making

Finance Council

The Finance Council has the responsibility to make certain that sound financial policies and practices are in place for the parish.  The Parish Finance Council is made up of six members of the Resurrection Catholic Church and is selected by the Pastor / Senior Pastoral Associate according to the norms of canon law.  Members are selected for their expertise in financial matters, economics, general business administration, banking, law, insurance, accounting and financial investment.  In addition, members are to have prudence, uprightness and knowledge of the Catholic faith that will enable them to put into practice the message of the Gospel. 

Among the functions of the Finance Council is the responsibility to see that proper records are maintained for all parish assets and liabilities, revenues and expenses in accord with the Chart of Accounts approved by the Diocesan Finance Office.  This council monitors the finances of the parish by reviewing monthly comparisons of actual revenues and expenditures with the budget, the investments, and the overall financial operation of the parish.  The Parish Finance Council assists the Pastor / Senior Pastoral Associate in developing a balanced budget for each fiscal year, according to the priorities and goals set by the Parish Pastoral Council and approved by him.  The Finance Council also assists the Pastor / Senior Pastoral Associate in compiling an annual report of parish finances.

Building and Grounds / Tuesday Group

With inspiration from St. Joseph

Our mission is to provide good fellowship among all those who participate to maintain the church facilities and outside surroundings in a workman like manner; to ensure the safety of the parishioners, preserve the integrity of the structure and to be certain the entire complex remains aesthetically appealing. From time to time we engage in internal and external construction and landscaping projects within our capability.

Capital Improvement

The Capital Improvement Committee serves as an advisor to the Pastor, Senior Pastoral Associate and Pastoral Councilon on all matters relating to capital improvements or changes to the parish’s physical plant. They maintain a master plan for the property updating as necessary and oversees the execution of capital projects.

Cemetery Committee

Cemetery / Columbarium

Maintains the cemetery and ministers to those making burial plans

By direction of the Roman Catholic Bishop of the Diocese of Richmond, full authority for the management, operation and maintenance of the Cemetery resides in a committee appointed by the Parish of Resurrection Catholic Church and designated as the Cemetery Committee.

In 2010 a Columbarium was built near the Grotto. It is a stone structure which presently contains 144 Niches for ashes. There are both companion and single units.

The design allows adding 144 additional niches in the future.

If you would like or require further information about our cemetery, please contact Bill Burke at ‭(540) 493-0303‬ for information.

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